The Garden Rules. (yes, it does.)

Keep The Garden Clean

  • Dispose of all trash
  • Compost dead plants (no tomatoes, weeds or woody plants)

Do not Use Chemical Pest Killers or Non-Organic Fertilizers (e.g. Miracle Gro)

  • A good rule of thumb: if you’re not sure, don’t use it until you ask someone.
  • Come to work days and ask fellow gardeners for tips on organic gardening
  • Visit the website often for new news.
  • Join the Facebook fan page if you haven’t already.

Conserve Water

  • Use mulches such as straw, leaves, compost or buckwheat hulls.
  • No not use hoses; please use watering cans.
  • Pay attention when filling your watering can and be sure to turn off the spigot when you are finished filling up.


  • Keep the gates open while you are in the garden.
  • Actively invite curious community members to explore and answer inquiries about joining our community.
  • Lock the gates if you are the last one out. Make sure the shed is locked, please, even if you did not open it.

Respect Each Other

  • Do not harvest from other people’s plots without permission.
  • Return all communal gardening supplies to their proper location.

Be Fair With Land

  • There is a waitlist for plots. Only the Garden Manager may give out plots.
  • Plots are non-transferrable to family or friends upon termination of membership.

Tend Your Plot

  • If you go out of town, ask someone to tend your plot.
  • Tidy your plot for winter by removing dead plants and planting a cover crop.
  • Untended plots will be reassigned by the Garden Manager following due notification
  • If you find that you are unable to tend your plot, please tell the Garden Manager by the end of July so a new gardener can plant for the Fall Season.

Come To Work Days And Garden Meetings

  • Workdays will be scheduled throughout the season.
  • Notification of select mandatory workdays and meetings will be posted on the website,  to a mailing list and posted on the bulletin board at the garden.
  • Please keep your information current with the Garden Manager.

Know The Rules

  • The Garden Manager will contact you if s/he believes you are in breach of the above listed rules, agreed to in your contract.
  • The Fox Point Community Garden retains the right to terminate any membership by majority vote of the Garden Board.
  • If you would like to become a member of the garden, retain or move your plot, please use our wait list registry form and we’ll see what’s available for you.