PRESENT: Keri, Edie, Marcia — 5:00 PM at the Garden; Also present and we gratefully welcome our new board members: Daphne Amaral, Bob Breen, Kim Jason, Kim McNulty, and Coy Pemberton


PLOT RENEWAL Returning gardeners may renew their 2010 plots in February, 2011.

WATER Southern spigot, Coy and Keri to work on getting it operational — run a new surface hose to the southern spigot and then update the fixture as the garden season comes to a close

FISH EMULSION Keri has fish emulsion packaged by SCLT. It is $15 for 16oz. It has a 2 year shelf life if kept in a cool dark place.

FOOD DONATIONS: Renee has been dong a stellar job. Collection continues on Thursday evenings;

COMPOST – INSIDE GARDEN Our internal piles (inside fence) are not working. Daphne will donate a digger/aerator. The piles are not getting turned. Trash-cans are to be removed and stored in the shed because currently they are filled then left for “someone” to take care of them. Ideas for successful composting are welcome.

OUTSIDE GARDEN Kim Mc Nulty: Thank you for tidying up left-over pile in the parking lot

OFFICE HOURS Keri will continue to be present on Thursday evenings

THEFT Several gardeners have experienced some theft. Suggestions are invited.

WORK DAYS /JOBS EACH GARDENER IS responsible for continuously weeding around their own plot. Paths should be kept clear especially for our gardeners with disabilities. Overgrowth is hazardous and poses a navigation challenge.

WEB SITE We continue to encourage the community to communicate here

TERRACE Daphne will donate soaker-hoses to improve watering/irrigation- they will be stored in the shed to be laid out at the spring clean-up before planting

TREASURER Our dedicated treasurer, Joel Greenwald, is seeking to resign as treasurer. The new board voted to replace him and to choose a new treasurer at the end of the 2010 season

CORPORATE The revoked entity status will remain status quo so as not to incur yearly fees. We continue to keep our bank balance under $2,500.

DISABLED GARDENERS Garden to purchase small wagon (sturdy) to be kept in shed for hauling watering cans etc. Wagon must clear paths.

HARVEST PARTY DATE – October 21, 2010;  SITE – The Portuguese Social Club (hopefully) on Sheldon Street. Keri & Marcia will take a garden basket to Brian at the Club on Friday August 20, 2010 and request use of the upstairs on 10/21 as a location for the party

MUSIC – Angel has been asked to contact the band we have had for the past two (2) years to see if they would be available for that evening-

FOOD/DONATIONS etc. – TBA (board meeting September 16th)

BOUNDARIES: There is an “invisible fence” ascendant from each individual plot that identifies each gardener’s rented garden space. Overhangs rented garden space. Those plants that spill/bulge into paths are and may be pruned to permit access on the paths to the community at large.


  1. Gardener-to-gardener forum chalk-board inside the garden- Edie to donate board
  2. Mid-winter pot-luck for 2011 growing plans, seeds, etc.
  3. Have a garden calendar hand-out at plot renew
  4. Plant thorny berries around southern perimeter to deter kids climbing over fence

Calendar: Upcoming dates

Thursdays – Garden Manager office hours, evening food collection to Camp Street Ministries

September 16, Board Meeting 5:00pm; rain site: Portuguese Social Club, 32 Sheldon Street / Potluck at the garden 6pm

September 18-19 Work Weekend / Workshops

October 16 workday

October 21, Harvest Party

*AGENDA — September 16, 2010 BOARD MEETING AT 5:00pm-





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