Workday + Workshops = Workweekend

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Hello Gardeners!

I’d like to schedule a workday and a couple workshop days, and maybe we can combine most of it into a workweekend. The way I envision it is that we have a full workweekend like we did in the early Spring with select “break hours” for workshops. I’m very interested to hear ways we can better this plan, so please give me input wherever you may have it.

Unofficially, every Thursday evening is a work(night), but there are things that need to be done in the garden that might require a stronger workforce.

I’m thinking to schedule it for the weekend of September 18-19 so we have time to really plan it. September usually offers luscious weather for such events, and it’s only 3 weeks away so it’s not too crowded between now and the Harvest Party which is scheduled for the 21s of October.

I’d like volunteer resident experts for the following subjects:

Seed Saving – how to let plants go to seed and/or collect and (if) process seeds for next year
James said he’d head the tomato department

Compost Management – how to really work compost

Weed Management – which plants are weeds, which are not, which can be eaten.

Harvesting – when to harvest certain items

Companion Planting- which plants benefit other plants

Pest Control – best methods of organic pest control

Food Storage – I’d really love to see a canning class which can be held off-site and possibly on a different day. If we have enough interest in this, I’ll look for a site where we can hold it. Otherwise, methods of processing for storage in the freezer or cellar.

If you have interest in leading one of these workshops or have a suggestion for a workshop, let me know by going through the website, email or phone: 831.224.7352


¡Hola Hortelanos!

Quisiera a planificar un día para la limpiada de la huerta y tambíen a organizar las clases para cosas importante a la huerta. En la manera que lo veo en mi mente es que nos tenemos un fin de semana completa como nos teníamos en la primavera temprana con eligado “horas a parada” para se participan en las clases. Tengo mucho interesada las maneras a mejorar esta planifica, asi pf me dan cosas en cualquiera manera que ustedes piensan me ayudaré.

Habitualmente dedicamos las tardes de los jueves a la huerta, pero hay otras cosas que también requieren nuestra atención y nuestro trabajo en grupo.

Estoy piensando a programarlo para la fin de semana del 18-19 de Septiembre asi que nos dispongamos el tiempo a planificar bien. Normalmente, los días de Septiembre son muy bien para estos eventos y también esta solamente lejos a 3 semanas asi no es una conflicta con la Fiesta de Cosechado, en el calendario para el 21 de Octubre.

Quería los voluntarios para las temas siguentes:

Guardado Las Semillas – como se permita las plantas a ir a la semilla para colectar y (si necesario) procesarlas para el año siguente
James de tomate me dijó que él demonstrará como guardar las semillas de tomates

El Manejamiento del Composto – cómo se usa completa

El Manejamiento de las Hierbas – Cuál plantas a comer, cuál no, cuál a removar.

Cosechando – cuando a cosecharlas

Sembrar a Compañero – qué plantas se pueden cultivar junto a otras a fin de que se beneficien mutuamente

A Controlar las Plagas – los métodos para controlar de forma natural las plagas del campo.

Guarda los Alimentos – sería muy agradable tener algunas clases sobre cómo conservar en frascos los productos de la huerta. Si hay muchas personas interesadas en esto entonces habría que buscar un lugar más adecuado que la huerta. También veremos cómo congelar los alimentos o cómo conservarlos en el sótano.

Si tiene la interesada enseñar un o más de esas clases (o tiene una sugerencia para una otra), no se deje contactarme por el sitio de web, email o telefono 831.224.7352

Workweekend Starts Today!

Hello Gardeners!

The first workweekend is scheduled for this weekend, May 1st & 2nd at the garden!

There are LOTS of things to do, and the more, the merrier! If you like, you may bring some snacks, but it’s not required. If anyone has a large bucket we can put ice in, we can get some clean water to keep chilled. That would be nice. Forecasts say it’s gonna be hot on Saturday, so be sure to bring sunblock, especially for the kids.

Saturday is scheduled to be mostly a general garden clean-up: weeding, compost prep, pathways, woodchips, etc. Please bring gloves and gardening tools if you have them. We have some in the shed, but if you have some to share, bring them!

We need to get the compost in order. If you’ve been down lately, you’d have noticed that the compost is in sad, unfair condition. all the big chunks of stalk & brown material needs to be broken down, separated and then the compost needs to be re-layered.

If you have any extra brown garden bags, please bring them and I will reimburse you with bags when I’m able to get down to get some more.

A lot of the plots were not cleaned up last fall, so if yours is one of them, please come and clean up your plot as well as help out in the general garden area.

Saturday workday starts at 8am. I am not sure what time it will end; I’d like to go as long as possible.

Sunday is scheduled to be the fix-it day! bring hammers, cordless drills/saws or any other useful tool that you can think of! Screws, too! Sunday’s clean-up starts at 9 and we’ll go as long as we can.

Children are welcome on Saturday, but because of the presence of saws and the like, on Sunday, I think it’s best that children play in the park rather than help in the garden. Of course, you know your child best. We all just want a safe day.

I will also have contracts available. Please bring checks only and don’t make them out until you get there because the price of your plot may have changed. When you make your check out, make it to FOX POINT COMMUNITY GARDEN, not to me personally.

The latest date to pay for your plot is May 15. Due to the enormous waitlist we have, if you have not paid for your plot by the 15th of May it will be reassigned. If you can’t make it to the workweekend, make an arrangement to meet with me.