Workweekend Starts Today!

Hello Gardeners!

The first workweekend is scheduled for this weekend, May 1st & 2nd at the garden!

There are LOTS of things to do, and the more, the merrier! If you like, you may bring some snacks, but it’s not required. If anyone has a large bucket we can put ice in, we can get some clean water to keep chilled. That would be nice. Forecasts say it’s gonna be hot on Saturday, so be sure to bring sunblock, especially for the kids.

Saturday is scheduled to be mostly a general garden clean-up: weeding, compost prep, pathways, woodchips, etc. Please bring gloves and gardening tools if you have them. We have some in the shed, but if you have some to share, bring them!

We need to get the compost in order. If you’ve been down lately, you’d have noticed that the compost is in sad, unfair condition. all the big chunks of stalk & brown material needs to be broken down, separated and then the compost needs to be re-layered.

If you have any extra brown garden bags, please bring them and I will reimburse you with bags when I’m able to get down to get some more.

A lot of the plots were not cleaned up last fall, so if yours is one of them, please come and clean up your plot as well as help out in the general garden area.

Saturday workday starts at 8am. I am not sure what time it will end; I’d like to go as long as possible.

Sunday is scheduled to be the fix-it day! bring hammers, cordless drills/saws or any other useful tool that you can think of! Screws, too! Sunday’s clean-up starts at 9 and we’ll go as long as we can.

Children are welcome on Saturday, but because of the presence of saws and the like, on Sunday, I think it’s best that children play in the park rather than help in the garden. Of course, you know your child best. We all just want a safe day.

I will also have contracts available. Please bring checks only and don’t make them out until you get there because the price of your plot may have changed. When you make your check out, make it to FOX POINT COMMUNITY GARDEN, not to me personally.

The latest date to pay for your plot is May 15. Due to the enormous waitlist we have, if you have not paid for your plot by the 15th of May it will be reassigned. If you can’t make it to the workweekend, make an arrangement to meet with me.

Thank you all for being patient…

As the new manager, I’m trying to consolidate all the lists of permanent residents and newcomers.  I have heard from almost everyone and I have a small list of open plots to give out, which I will be doing this afternoon. I’m going through the list on a first-come, first-serve basis, so if you haven’t heard from me, it just means you’re coming up soon.

The garden has been approved for another 21 plots, thanks to Councilman Seth Yurdin, who is also a gardener at FPCG. Thank you so much, Seth, for all your hard work! We are so fortunate! So if you don’t get a plot right away, be aware that more plots are coming. The new plots are in the works to be finished by May, so I’m certain there will be enough room for everyone.

Until then, let me know if:

  • If you are willing to share a plot.
  • If you are going to be out of town for fall planting and would like to loan out your plot to a new gardener.
  • You have become overwhelmed and will no longer need your plot.

Please remember that plots are non-transferable.  (See Rules, “Be Fair With Land”)

Chin up! The rains are due to clear by Thursday.


2010 Season Plot Assignments / Payments

Hi Everybody!

Right now I’m updating the plot lists. A few of you have asked me where to send payment. Bring payment with you to the first workday, which will be announced shortly. I will update the site as soon as I have the dates.

Also, the wait list can be used for keeping your plot, too. It’s just one list. If you leave a note in the form that tells me your plot number, I will mark it on my physical list. I’m just trying to solidify all the lists into one megalist. 🙂

Right now is a sort of preliminary count so I can assign plots to those who are waiting on the wait list. I’m so happy to see so much enthusiasm! It’s going to be a great season!!

If you have questions about where your plot is, check the map on the website.

If you are on facebook, sign up to be a fan and get updates that way.

You can also follow the twitter .