Compost in front of gate!

Good news, Gardeners: The compost has been delivered. Please help yourself to 2″ of compost for your plot.

From Erika @ Providence Community Garden Network:

When your gardeners gather this weekend to add compost to their beds, please take pictures! We would love to document the first citywide compost delivery, but we can’t be everywhere at once! Then, send your favorite pictures on to me. Your pictures will be included in our Press Release thanking the City for supporting our gardens.


We ordered un-screened compost from Earth Care Farm. This made our order more affordable, but it also means that you will find large pieces of wood & shell in your compost. Every community garden is encouraged to build compost screens to share. Shifting your compost through a screen is the easiest way to remove large pieces before adding compost to your garden plots.

We have screens ready to use near the compost bins. please put screened material into the compost bins (by the terrace).