Workweekend Starts Today!

Hello Gardeners!

The first workweekend is scheduled for this weekend, May 1st & 2nd at the garden!

There are LOTS of things to do, and the more, the merrier! If you like, you may bring some snacks, but it’s not required. If anyone has a large bucket we can put ice in, we can get some clean water to keep chilled. That would be nice. Forecasts say it’s gonna be hot on Saturday, so be sure to bring sunblock, especially for the kids.

Saturday is scheduled to be mostly a general garden clean-up: weeding, compost prep, pathways, woodchips, etc. Please bring gloves and gardening tools if you have them. We have some in the shed, but if you have some to share, bring them!

We need to get the compost in order. If you’ve been down lately, you’d have noticed that the compost is in sad, unfair condition. all the big chunks of stalk & brown material needs to be broken down, separated and then the compost needs to be re-layered.

If you have any extra brown garden bags, please bring them and I will reimburse you with bags when I’m able to get down to get some more.

A lot of the plots were not cleaned up last fall, so if yours is one of them, please come and clean up your plot as well as help out in the general garden area.

Saturday workday starts at 8am. I am not sure what time it will end; I’d like to go as long as possible.

Sunday is scheduled to be the fix-it day! bring hammers, cordless drills/saws or any other useful tool that you can think of! Screws, too! Sunday’s clean-up starts at 9 and we’ll go as long as we can.

Children are welcome on Saturday, but because of the presence of saws and the like, on Sunday, I think it’s best that children play in the park rather than help in the garden. Of course, you know your child best. We all just want a safe day.

I will also have contracts available. Please bring checks only and don’t make them out until you get there because the price of your plot may have changed. When you make your check out, make it to FOX POINT COMMUNITY GARDEN, not to me personally.

The latest date to pay for your plot is May 15. Due to the enormous waitlist we have, if you have not paid for your plot by the 15th of May it will be reassigned. If you can’t make it to the workweekend, make an arrangement to meet with me.

Compost in front of gate!

Good news, Gardeners: The compost has been delivered. Please help yourself to 2″ of compost for your plot.

From Erika @ Providence Community Garden Network:

When your gardeners gather this weekend to add compost to their beds, please take pictures! We would love to document the first citywide compost delivery, but we can’t be everywhere at once! Then, send your favorite pictures on to me. Your pictures will be included in our Press Release thanking the City for supporting our gardens.


We ordered un-screened compost from Earth Care Farm. This made our order more affordable, but it also means that you will find large pieces of wood & shell in your compost. Every community garden is encouraged to build compost screens to share. Shifting your compost through a screen is the easiest way to remove large pieces before adding compost to your garden plots.

We have screens ready to use near the compost bins. please put screened material into the compost bins (by the terrace).

Compost + Greenhouse Access

A note from Erika @ Providence Garden Network:

Next week we are delivering compost to all 30 community gardens in the Providence Community Garden Network. Thank you for joining in! We’re still working out the delivery schedule with the Parks Department. Please, stay tuned for when you need to open your garden gate!

Also, one of the gardens in our Network has built a new greenhouse. They have extra space & want to rent it to community gardeners. More info below…

Can’t wait for compost!



I would like to offer spots in my Green House @ 219 Pearl st to get a jump start on the growing season. At this point I have about 30-40 spots open, each spot is $10.00 which is until may, at which point I expect people will move outside. Due to space limitations, all people are required to use supplied flats.

10.00 fee includes: 2 plug trays ( 288 or 72), 2 flats, heat for green house as needed, and water. The spots are limited and will be given out on a 1st come basis, please email: *Note: this is the first season for this green house so it’s a work in progress.

cheers, Yarrow, owner of “The Pearl”

Garden News

Hey all gardeners,

I will starting having weekly “office” hours at the garden. I will email everyone weekly to let you know when I will be there and to update everyone on garden news, events etc. This week I will be at the garden Monday between 6 and 7 pm. Come to ask any questions, see how you can get more involved, and help weed the terrace!

A few more things:

  • Compost: right now we only have 1 set of compost bins (the compost bins at the south end of the garden need to be rebuilt), please follow the composting guidelines posted by the bins. As a reminder: NO weeds, diseased plants, egg shells, oils, meat or dairy. Please break up items into finger sized pieces before composting them. Also, we need more yard waste and less food waste so please bring some leaves to add!
  • Work Day: Our next work day will be Tuesday August 11th from 5:00 – 6:30. We will be weeding, spreading wood chips, etc.
  • If you would like to join the building committee and help re-build the compost bins email me with your name and number.

Mark your calendars…

  • Work day – Tuesday August 11th @ 5pm
  • Potluck Dinner – Thursday Aug 20th @6pm
  • Potluck Dinner – Sunday Sep 13th @6pm
  • Annual Fundrasier – Thursday Oct 22nd @6pm

Check out our awesome website:
Kudos to the website committee for your hard work .To help with the site email Keri Marion at

Peace, kale, and cucumbers,