How Much Wood Could A Woodchuck Chuck…


If he weren’t so busy eatin’ up the kale?

This page is meant for gardeners to make public notice of when and where they saw the infamous woodchuck, note new burrows, or note any other relevant information, stories and lore that are surely to become legend at Fox Point Community Garden.

The latest update:

So far, we have not been successful in trapping the Woodchuck. We have, however, disrupted his normal refuge under the bee deck. Unfortunately he has made several attempts to establish a new burrow in gardeners plots, with some resulting damage. However, quick discovery has meant that his attempts to make a new home have up to now failed.
He may be looking for new plots to try to tunnel into. If gardeners are actively attending to their plots, it is most likely that he can be further discouraged.

Gardeners are encouraged to look out for him and report the location where he runs to hide. This is essential to our eventual goal to drive him to less hostile territory in the outer regions of Gano Park  -Norma, the practicing woodchuck whisperer.

Please note any relevant woodchuck information in the comments below. 

One thought on “How Much Wood Could A Woodchuck Chuck…

  • June 2, 2015 at 11:03 PM

    The woodchuck did some damage in my plot #25, last Friday night. A couple of kale plants were destroyed and it dug a huge hole in the corner. I am currently out if town until Friday and will check in with updates then.


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