Garden clean up thank-yous & more…

Hi Gardeners!

I want to take a moment to truly and wholeheartedly thank those of you that came to our last community workday on Saturday the 17th.  We were able to get a lot of things done, and it couldn’t have been done without your help. Not only do you know who you are,  the board does too. So thank you for that. 

Of course, we could have gotten a lot more done with more help, and maybe some of us could have had a little shorter workday, too!  I just want to quickly remind those of you that didn’t come to the workday(s) this month, this year, or previous years, that community gardens require the community effort of the whole community.

It is understandable that sometimes a person cannot make it to a particular work day, but there are some people who never come to workdays, and it’s simply not fair to the rest of us.

I do not need an email explaining why you didn’t make it once, or even twice. We’re all adults, and we all have lives, and we all totally get it. But if you haven’t been to a workday, or otherwise pulled your weight in the garden for a while, then you are in violation of your contracted obligation to the garden (2h/mo., every month). In other words, when it comes time to renewing, we may have to have a conversation.

Part of that conversation can be addressed to the board to resolve issues that make it difficult for you to come. Even better: become a part of the board and offer some solutions. Again, I think everyone can understand the occasional inability to make it to a meeting, workday or workweekend. What the board and I are trying to address is the habitual abstention.

To be eligible to renew your plot next year, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Have you planted and tended your plot yourself from Spring Clean up to Fall clean-up?
  • Have you participated in the scheduled whole garden clean ups?
  • Have you kept pathways around your plot weeded and free of obstacles?
  • Have you shown a friendly interest in the community at the garden by attending at least two of the scheduled Clean-ups, pot lucks, Seed Swap, Fun Raiser.
  • If you have a surplus in your plot, have you contributed it to the weekly collection for Camp St Ministries? (Or did you just let it rot on the vine that’s tangled in weeds?)

A note on this last point: it was really disappointing to see so much food go to waste over the last freeze. I was able to contact some people to go ahead and pick it for them, but we’re going to have to come up with a better plan for frosts and waste. We could have fed a lot of people with what just froze and rotted on the vine this year. We can do better. 

Your membership is to be terminated and reassigned to the (deep and always growing) wait list if: 

  • You never show up for anything on the schedule.
  • You fail to care for your garden.
  • You leave the care of your garden to persons unknown to the garden manager.
  • If you take anything from other gardeners plots without their knowledge or permission.

There is still plenty of weeding and other tidying up to do, and it’s really just not fair to lay that on the 24 people who regularly work in the garden outside their own plots. So if you haven’t been around in a while, and you’re looking to renew next year, I suggest that you get on down to the garden and get some tidyin’ done.

Last note: someone left a number of tomato cages in the pathways recently. You might say, “I didn’t know the combo to the shed,” and that could be true. But if that’s the case, you need to put your cages in your plot, not in the pathways until it can get worked out. They’re practically invisible and are very dangerous to people walking in the garden. Remember that the public is welcome to tour the garden, and it would be enormously upsetting if someone was hurt due to a gardener’s negligence.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this detailed note. I hope it will clarify the expectations of your membership to the garden. We want you to want to be a part of it, so let’s figure it out. Questions and concerns can be addressed through the comments section.

Most sincerely,
The board members of FPCG

Garden Workday 11/9 9am – 2pm

HI guys…

There’s still quite a bit to do at the garden, namely in getting the area around your plot weeded (get the deep weeds, the ones that may be trouble in the spring) and putting your own plot to rest.
Thanks to those that came yesterday and did so much!  I’ll be at the garden a little later this afternoon. There should be a to-do list hanging around.
Also there’s a bunch of stuff up for grabs along the fence that is left over from the shed cleanup.. take what you want, but take it home!

P.S. Here are some examples of how plots should or shouldn’t look at this time of year, plus a nice photo of Daisy & the results of some great collaborative work on the terrace yesterday… thanks!

A sincere thank you, updates & connections.

Good afternoon, Gardeners!

I hope you all are enjoying the wonderful Indian Summer we’ve been experiencing. We’re still harvesting quite a bit, even with these chilly evenings.
Which reminds me: Renee & her posse are still collecting for Camp Street on Thursday nights. Don’t let your late-season produce go to waste! If you have anything you’d like to donate to Camp Street Ministries, please email Renee directly (you should have received her email address in the email I sent you) . Include your plot number and whatever other information you have (like what she can take, how much of it, etc.)
Currently, there is no power in the shed. A few weeks ago, a pole fell near the garden, cutting electricity to several parts of the park area. Some of it has been reconnected, but so far, the shed has not. The city has been notified, but please use extra caution in the shed on these darker days. We’ll get some flashlights, too and place them near the entryway; please be sure to put them back where you found them. I hope to have this done really soon.
And as noted before, I apologize for not giving a recap on the party for the few of you that missed it. We had family in town, and I was nary near a computer or phone for a good 10 days. So here’s the scoop: the party was SO. MUCH. FUN. It was also ridiculously delicious: the depth of our gardeners’ culinary expertise always surprises me.
Nobody brought any hideous vegetables, but we’ve all been eyeing the Soares’  “questionable” squash  All summer long, many of us have eyeballed this curiosity and somebody snapped a fantastic photo of them with it. Congratulations!
We also had one of the largest raffles that I can remember in my four years at the garden, which offers me into a nice segue of “thank you all so much for your generosity” and “did you receive your item?”  There were a couple items that are seasonal and have to be exchanged in the spring, but otherwise, I just want to make sure you got the items for which you bid.
Also, at the party, we had a ballot for the next workday(s). That ballot is now taped to the inside of the shed door. It’s looking like the first weekend in November, which (maybe not) coincidentally is approximately the appropriate time to plantchyer gahhhlick.  More information can be found here:
As many of you know, brevity is not my specialty, but in light of respecting your willingness to read long entries, I’ll stop here. This means I may miss something important. I hope not, but if I did, I’ll add it to the website posting of this same message.
Thank you all for a great season thus far, and I’ll be seeing you the first weekend of November (more details to come).

Lettuce Rejoice!

I haven’t been down to look at the garden since Sunday, but I thought you’d be interested to know that as a community we logged about 94 hours of work time which was mostly dedicated to the garden itself and not to our plots.

This is a marked improvement from earlier this year, and I think it’s a good way to indicate community involvement.  Though I would like to see that number closer to 150, I want to emphasize how grateful we should all be for all our efforts this weekend. I know I am. So thank you.

More soon.