Mark Your Calendars!

Hello gardeners and supporters of gardening and lovers of Fox Point!

We have the following dates set for the summer:

Potluck #1 Monday, June 26, 6pm

Workday #2 Saturday / Sunday, July 8/9; Raindate: July 15/16

Potluck #2 Wednesday, July 19, 6pm  Thursday, July 27, 6pm

Potluck #3 Friday, September 1 6pm

Harvest Party – We need input for what dates are best, but we’re looking at

  • Thursday, Sept. 28,
  • Thursday, Oct. 5, or
  • Thursday, Oct. 12

Please cast your vote here: before July 1.

Thank you so much for your participation and efforts in our awesome, unique, and super-amazing garden.

Monarchs for Moms


Plant Milkweed for Mother’s Day

Send a mom you admire an e-card now!

The beautiful and majestic monarch butterfly is disappearing. One major culprit: native milkweed plants, which monarch caterpillars need to survive, are disappearing due to the overuse of dangerous herbicides.

No milkweed means no monarchs.

But this Mother’s Day, you have a special opportunity to help bring monarchs back from the brink. NRDC is partnering with Monarch Watch to get 100,000 milkweed plants in the ground to help save North American monarch butterflies.

Sign up and NRDC and Monarch Watch will dedicate one milkweed plant in honor of your mother, mother figure or another mom you admire to save monarchs.

Go to THIS LINK. 🙂

Find out more about the importance of monarch butterflies and the threats they face today.

Beginning Chore List…

Hi Folks!

I just wanted to pass along a list that some of our favorite folk put together for Saturday‘s (4-29, 10am-2pm) workday. This list may get updated Friday night, and I will update it on the website, so please check the website ahead of time. As far as weather goes, it will be updated on the website if we have to postpone. We only postpone if it’s really raining. If it’s just misty / cloudy, we will not postpone.
Please come to the garden prepared to work: 
  • wear sturdy shoes, long pants / sleeves / gloves / apron; 
  • bring hand tools and /or electric tools like cordless drills if you have them. 
  • bring any helpful tools, especially tools that chop, pull, cut, or hold things together. 
But especially bring a good attitude!
Presently the plan is to do the purchasing the evening before the work day, so the truck can be loaded at Home Depot and unloaded at the garden the next morning at the work day, (if weather allows).
Here is a list of the plots needing work:
1- repair
13- repair
15- repair
18- replace plot frame
44-replace plot frame
47/48 consult James before repair
64- replace irregular shaped plot frame
71- corners
74- custom repair
94- repair
All participants sign in.
  • Wait Listers are expected to put in 2 hours work before being assigned a plot.
  • Gardeners are advised to wear sturdy footwear, gloves are advised.
  • Bring charged cordless drills to work on building projects.
Suggested Chore List:
  • There are presently no chips to spread., but there are abundant weeds to pull in all pathways, fence line exterior, terrace, and common areas.
  • All weeds are to be bagged in brown leaf bags.
  • Old boards and other wood debris goes out next to the green trash barrel on the ground. The barrel is for trash only.
  • Remove all obstacles from pathways.
  • Chop and compact compost in compost bins, both ends of garden.
  • Tidy/organize shed. (See Kimbly)
  • Prepare and erect new signage.
  • Paint new signs.
See you soon!