Two Weeks Away!

Hi Folks!

It’s only two weeks away to our annual seed swap at the Portuguese American Social Club (32 Sheldon), from 6-8pm.

Things you can do at the seed swap:

  • Trade collected heirloom seeds (no collected hybrids*, please)
  • Trade purchased heirloom or hybrid seeds
  • Renew your plot for the 2017 season
  • Make a gourd planter (wow!)
  • Bring and eat snacks
  • Buy yourself and your neighbor drinks (to support the PASC)
  • See some of your old pals!
  • Ask and answer precious and burning gardening questions…
  • and certainly more!

Need a flyer for your fridge? Print one here: .pdf for printing 


* We don’t allow trading of hybrids simply because one cannot know which trait the plants will take once germinated; there is nothing wrong with hybrids overall, but collected hybrid seeds should not be traded.

For all collected seeds, please note any information you have about them: what kind of plant is it? How long does it take to germinate? To harvest? Full sun or part? Drought tolerant or swamp lover?  This information helps everybody.

The Portuguese-American Social Club has been very supportive to us over the years. Please support them in return by buying a drink (they have a full bar, plus sodas and water, too) to thank them for their continued support.

The contract is going to change slightly, so it is very important that when you renew your plot, that you read it completely.

Once the contract is finalized, it will be emailed to you to either fill out ahead of time or bring with you to the Seed Swap.  We will, obviously, have copies there, too.

Thanks, and see you soon!

Seed Swap & Other News

Hello resident gardeners & future gardeners of Fox Point Community Garden!

This is your midwinter blues recovery system to remind you that the spring season is truly just around the corner.

Coming up on March 9th is our annual Seed Swap at the Portuguese-American Social Club, 32 Sheldon St.,  in beautiful Fox Point (about a block up from Coffee Exchange).  We’ll be swappin’ from 6-8:30.
Norma will be holding a workshop to make stuff out of gourds – birdhouse, planter, scoop, etc. Everyone who attends will get one (while supplies last).
If you have anything you’d like to showcase or talk about at the Swap, give me a note: I’m going to be making up the flyer for it today & hope to finish & have it approved by the board by the end of the week.  You may also leave a comment here on the site.
At the seed swap, we will be accepting renewal contracts, which will be sent / posted to the site when it’s a little closer to the event.
Please note that the board has made some changes to the agreement.  We are including a “gleaning period” for a week prior to frost date. This ensures that we don’t leave rotting food on the ground when it can be used. There will be an announcement ahead of time, and it will be only for foods that will not survive a frost.
Throughout the growing season, we like to showcase gardeners and their talents: would anyone like to host a workshop during the season?
The Fox Point Community Garden is looking for board members. We meet 4x a year, for about an hour each time, and discuss the needs of the garden-at-large. There is sometimes food involved. We could use a few new board members. If you are interested, please reply with the subject BOARD.
Okay, that’s it for now. Enjoy the snow as best you can, and we’ll all look forward to seeing each other in just four short weeks!