Workday wrap-up!

HI folks!

Here’s an update from Norma who guided the workday yesterday:
We have a hawk now, and while we were there today he caught and carried away one of our many rats. 
He roosts on the gourd trellis and the telephone pole nearby and watches for the rats, which are very active around the north compost area.
He is not shy if you wan’t to take his picture.
>> Ask gardeners to leave the terrace alone so that he can catch more rats.
No  more weeding on the terrace for now!

And here are a couple friendly reminders in general:

  • Remember to place spready/ seedy weeds in brown bags instead of compost bins
  • DO NOT put weeds in trash barrels per the city.
  • At day’s end, put filled brown bags near the trash (but as just stated, not in) the trash cans in parkin lot.
  • Replace any tools into the (now-tidied) shed
  • Be sure to call out for anyone inside the shed before you lock it
  • Let the last person in the garden know you are leaving
  • Lock up every gate and shed at day’s end.
Thank you to all of you who continue to uphold your to-the-garden community service time.

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