Work Day Sat 9/17, 9-2

Hi Folks!
Thanks to those of you that got the party started early tonight at the garden. Here’s a list for tomorrow’s workday:
  • Weeding in general, especially around perimeter.
  • Remove wild invasives from fence (morning glories), except where it appears they are coming from somebody’s plot.  There are a bunch climbing the back fence that look wild.
  • Remove any mulberry saplings. They’re a real pain.
  • Pull up grasses along perimeter
  • Chop up material in compost bins
  • Soak material in compost bins for breakdown
  • Tidy up the shed  (bring a bandana for your face if you’re going to sweep it out – it’s dusty!)
  • Norma is picking up some containers for the soil amendments, so we can arrange them in a useful way.
  • Move and clear out that area where the black compost bins are, just left to the New Addition along the fence. If anybody would like one of those black composters, please take it tomorrow. Heck, if you want all three…. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE.
  • Please place all seedy, spready, invasivy type plants in brown bags (not in the compost); when full, place brown bags near (but not in) trash cans. The city will pick them up for city compost.
Don’t forget to bring gloves, pruning shears, loppers, hand-saws or any other kind of cutting / pruning / snipping device you might think could be helpful.
Wear long sleeves if you can, or bring long gloves for a special blackberry position.
Sturdy shoes and long pants are highly encouraged.
I have to go to a day-long conference tomorrow (that I didn’t know about until about a week ago), so I can’t make it tomorrow. Both Justin & Norma will be there to guide you.
We’ll continue on Sunday if necessary.

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