A Message From FPNA


Fox Point Neighborhood Association (FPNA)  would like to invite you to the re-dedication of the Roger Williams Landing Park’s Monument coming up on September 22nd. If you receive this invitation, it means that you have assisted and/or had an interest in FPNA’s goal to revitalize the Seekonk Shoreline in Fox Point since we began Earth Day Cleanups many years ago. This location is an “extended member” of destinations along the Fox Point Greenway, which takes a huge step forward with the construction of the Blackstone Bikeway, now underway.

FPNA’s Board is planning a dignified event with liquid refreshments to commemorate Williams and the Narragansett Indians, who welcomed the colonists here in 1636. We also are planning a small landscaping project for the monument, probably the weekend before the event. There will be more information at a later time for any volunteers, who wish to help us with this effort.

Download the pdf here

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