Hey, kids! Guess what time it is?

IT’S TIME TO PUT ON YOUR PARTY PANTS!  Or at least think about how it’s coming up in just a few short weeks!

Come celebrate all the goodness the garden has to offer in community, in good neighboring, in good fooding, and in good partying at the Portuguese-American Social Club, 32 Sheldon St., just off Wickenden, in beautiful Fox Point.
In this email you should see the embedded .jpg image plus 2 attachments:
One attachment is the .pdf which is good for printing; the other attachment is the donation form for you to use yourself, or to give to a local merchant from whom you would like to solicit a donation.
To make (or get) a donation to the raffle,  fill out the form with the appropriate information; put the form in the envelope that (will be) taped to the door of the shed, and leave the item to be donated upstairs in the shed before the 29th. Alternatively, you can just bring the item for donation to the party.
Every year we put together the raffle list, so no matter how you want to deliver the donation, we still need to know what the donation is.  Either leave the form on the door or drop an email; no matter which way it’s good.

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