Garden Work Day, Sat., Sept 17

Hi gardeners!

We are having a mandatory work day on Saturday, Sept 17.
We’ll have a number of list items to do in order to prepare the garden for cooler weather. One thing we need to do BEFORE the workday is tend our space in general.  We want our time at the Work Day to be used efficiently for bigger jobs, so all of the pathways need to be cleared ahead of time.
Below you should find a map, and on it some red marks and some kind of magenta marks.
The red marks are for pathways; these are areas that need to be weeded or need your attention to bring your plants back into your plot.
Additionally, the magenta color is questionable maintenance.  Some of these plots look like they haven’t been touched in months. If yours is one of them (you would know), and it is not tended by Friday next, the plot will go back into the pool for new registrants, i.e. you won’t be able to renew next year.
Removal from garden is not the case for every magenta-marked plot, but the ones that it is, you should already know who you are.  If you have any question about it, or if you’re not sure, please get in touch.
I definitely know how summer can get away from a person, so this isn’t meant to be a shame-on-you as much as it is to enforce the idea that we need to keep the garden tidy because it is a reflection of us as neighbors and as community members.
PFCG-2014 copy
So go forth and be a good neighbor!  I’ll send out a reminder as it gets closer to the Work Day.

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