Harvest Party Update

  • Thursday, September 29, 6-9
  • Band (KC Moaners) is booked.
  • Location (Portuguese-American Social Club) is booked >> 32 Sheldon St
  • Community Raffle / Community Potluck +
What we need:
Raffle items. Raffle items raise funds for the garden to pay for all the things you don’t much think about, and also to ensure that we keep the rental rates super low so that anyone who wants to garden, can garden.
  • If you have a business in the neighborhood, would you like to donate something?
  • Do you have a business in the neighborhood that you like enough to ask for a donation?
  • Goods or services, or garden-related arts, crafts, projects, from the community as a whole are welcomed.
Games / Spectator Sports
We’re looking for suggestions on games / spectator sports.  Some ideas so far are:
  • Weird or Ugly Fruit/ Vegetable Contest
  • Guess the Weight
  • Chicken Dance Contest
 When someone wins one of the above “sports,” what do they get?
There will be more information soon. If you have any suggestions, you can submit an email or reply to this one.

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