Refresh Yourselves of Contract Agreements

Hi Gardeners!

I just want to quickly remind you of our garden rules, namely that one should NEVER enter another person’s plot boundary without their express permission, or the permission of the Garden Manager.  It’s a violation of a resident’s space and of the contract to which you agree each year.

It may seem like a stringent rule, but the reasons for it are obvious once it’s been considered.

  • You don’t know what’s going on with that plot. It could have been reassigned and replanted.
  • There is a never-ending waitlist for spots at our garden.
  • Weeds are an opinion: You don’t know all the plants, ever, so what could look like a weed may not be.
  • Maybe that gardener REALLY LOVES purslane. Or RASPBERRIES.  (Raspberries outside the garden fence are up for grabs, but please leave plot raspberries to their residents.)
  • It sets a precedent that it’s okay to take over a plot that isn’t “tended” (reminder: it is not)
  • You wouldn’t like it if it were done to you.
  • Violating the contract rules is grounds for your removal from the garden.

Please don’t put your hands in other peoples’ plots. If I find out about it, I’ll take it to the board, and they’re not very flexible about this rule.


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