Mo., July 25 / Free Compost

Mark your calendars: we’re looking to have a midsummer extravaganza in ten days!

a) Potluck
b) Birdhouse making
c) Board Meeting
Let’s get the garden ready by weeding, weeding, oh, and hey: Norma wrote me last night to tell us this
The Northern compost pile, center slot , compost is ready for the taking! This compost will be acidic, so amendments may be needed, but it looks quite finished. Let’s disturb the rats! The front of the center bin is open, and a screen and cart are in front of it.  Free for the taking!
There are some soil amendments in the shed, too. I’ll work on a guide to how to use them.
Last thing: “torrential” thunderstorms are forecast for tonight’s garden hours. I live close, so I’ll keep an eye, but if it’s anything more than fog/mist or very light rain, I won’t be there.

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