A Fine Howdy-do!

Hello Gardeners!

I hope you’re all enjoying this amazing weather today. It’s a perfect time to get out and weed, or plant, or sow new seeds, or transplant or spread wood chips or weed, or weed around plots, too!
I did a walk-through the garden last night and only found a handful of neglected plots, two of which I’m not totally sure are neglected, but have been notified.  I did want to remind you of a few courtesies, especially if you’re new to community gardening.
Please remember that you are obligated to

  • put 2 hours each month into the garden itself, and not your plot. That means weeding around edges, spreading chips if we have them, watering community areas, etc.
  • keep your plot tidy and tended by staking up your trailing plants so they don’t grab onto someone else’s plot; by weeding your plot, then mulching, so that weeds don’t easily spread to your neighbor’s plot; by ensuring that you do not shade your neighbors’ plots by accident, or at least talking to them about your plans if you have something tall to grow.
  • use trash cans for trash only, i.e. no organic material in trash cans (put organic material in brown bags and leave near the trash cans
  • keeping all common areas safe from objects either poking out of your plot or in the walkways.
I’m hoping to organize a garden meeting pretty soon, but if you have anything you wanna chat with me about, I’ll be at the garden tonight at around 5:30.  Bring gloves and come weed with me!

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