Reassigning Untended Plots by July 5

Hi folks!

I’m just dropping a note to let you know that overall, I think the garden looks pretty great. But a few plots (and maybe you know who you are?) don’t look so great. They’re either not planted or overgrown with weeds or completely not overlooked, sad, empty, searching for fulfillment….   or actually have gone rogue, spilling into the walkways, or shading other plots!
I’m setting a deadline of July 5th for you to have your plot tended, or I’ll be giving it out. This will be your only warning. If your plot is in good shape, then you have nothing to worry about. And that’s pretty generous, really.. it’s more than 3 weeks, which is ample time.
July 5 also gives time for the new resident to get some overgrown tomatoes planted and maybe some lettuce and already-started cucumbers and peppers so the plot doesn’t just die a lonely, neglected, and jealous existence.
If you haven’t been down to tend your plot in the last while, then, well, maybe it would be in your best interest to get down to it.
Also, if you have not actually paid for your plot, you’re a bad person, and if I had a nun’s habit and a ruler, I’d smack you on the backs of your hands; lucky for you, I have neither of these things.
Please send your payment if you have’t made it yet to:
Fox Point Community Garden
PO BOX 603127 
PROV  RI  02906
Thank you for participating. 🙂
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