Garden Hours



Just a heads-up: gmail thinks I’m spamming when I try to email people in bulk.

It is to your advantage to check the website frequently or sign up for email reminders when new posts are made.  I will be at the garden tomorrow to give out plots. If you haven’t renewed and you meant to, this could be your last chance if I haven’t given it away already.

Please see me at the garden, 5pm, tomorrow, Friday April 29.



friendly reminder(s) & dates

friendly reminder(s) & dates
Please enjoy a wonderful season at the garden and follow the guidelines below for a safe experience for everyone:
  1. only trash goes in the trash cans, please. No wood, boards with rusty nails, rocks, dirt, clippings or any organic material should go in the trash. Only trash, please. 
  2. for all things organic that can be composted, but for whatever reason we don’t want in our compost, please put in the brown bags. There are bags located in the shed.
  3. be aware of rocks in the grassy areas.  Do not toss rocks from your plot into the grassy areas. Why? Because the city uses those riding mowers and rocks can easily get caught up in the blades and project at dangerous speeds 
  4. when the water faucet by the north gate is not in use, turn it off to prevent it from running. You can hear it running when the small levers are off, and there is a big puddle by the gate. When you turn it off from the topyou will not hear water leaking
  5. don’t give out the lock combination to anyone you aren’t sure is a gardener, please.
  6. mind your own plot: please stay out of others’ plots, unless you have permission to pick.
  7. the public is always welcome into the garden with a gardener present.
  8. children in the garden should always be supervised. Please do not allow any kind of running or serious horselplay in the garden…. which reminds me, 
  9. please keep pokey things contained within your plot; don’t leave any implements, cages or rusty bits in the walk ways or hanging outside your plot. 
I have a few plots left still, and I should be at the garden this Friday 4/22 at around 5.  
Providence River River Walk Cleanup Saturday  4/23
The southernmost extension of the Providence River Walk is getting FPNA’s  attention for the first time through the Providence Parks Department’s Earth Day  Clean Up, set for Saturday, April 23rd from 9 a.m. to noon. Committee Chairs  Alissa Peterson and John Rousseau are both seeking volunteers, including  event-day coordinators.
Mitzvah Day  Sunday 4/24
Renee will be hosting a Mitzvah Day cleanup on Sunday, 4/24. For those of you that couldn’t make the official workday, please come help Renee guide her crew in tasks around the garden. I’m sure she’ll appreciate all your help.

Thank you to everyone who came out to the work day on Sunday!

We had some trouble getting the weather to agree with us on a date, but once we finally settled on Sunday the skies were clear, the temperature was up, and we had an amazing turnout!


We had quite the list of improvements to get through, but with so many volunteers, I think we got it all done. (Many more jobs were done, and the folks pictured did more than you see here. This is just a smattering of what I caught people doing).


Justin hauled away the wooden frames that were looking worse for wear.


And Norma and Ken built new frames to replace them.


Holly spread chips. The huge pile of chips by the gate was gone by the end of the day, and the paths are looking good.


Will, Laken, and I sorted the tangle of tomato cages in the shed. It’s a job that challenges the sanity of even the toughest gardener, as you can see in Will’s face.


It’s looking nice up there, now! Who knew this room had a floor? If you need a tomato cage, help yourself, but please try to keep it neat.


The perimeter garden looks amazing. I don’t know who did it, but thank you! It’s beautifully weeded and mulched.


It was a hugely successful day. The community spaces are looking clean and ready, the plots are starting to look green, and I have it on good authority that we picked up some very promising new gardeners. Thanks again to everyone who came out! It’s going to be a good season!




Workday Reschedule: Sunday, 4/10/16, 10am

Okay, folks: I think we’ve got a potentially clear day ahead. All forecasts declare Sunday as our next palatable weather, so the board decided on Sunday at 10am.

The combo to the locks will be changed at the end of the work day, so it’s in your best interest to come and spend some time at the garden, get to see some old friends and make some new ones!

Norma has been kind enough to make a short list of things that need to be tended on the workday.  There are likely more things to be addressed, but this is a good start. Be sure to wear sturdy shoes, socks, probably long pants and sleeves; bring gloves, goggles, power tools, water, doughnuts (what?) and a helpful attitude.  We’ve got a lot of work to do!

We need to:
  • replace watering can support posts and concrete base for center and rear.
  • rodent control excavation at bee platform add more wire screening
  • remove short rotten tree stumps at shade structure
  • build and install plot frames
  • weed under sculptures and around outside fence
  • weed pathways
  • spread chips starting at Union fence

Thanks so much for being a continued or emerging presence in our little community.