Green in the Garden

Were you outside last weekend? I hope so, because it was gorgeous. It’s starting to look like spring is here to stay, and after last winter, I’m okay with that. I went down to the garden last weekend to see what’s green, both leftover from last year and new for this year.


The strawberries are, as ever, all over the place. Here they are staking their claim in Phil’s plot.


Will let his leeks overwinter, and while the tips frosted, the hearts of the plants are still nice and green, even on the little baby ones.


I live with Will, and I think we’ll be eating a lot of leeks this summer.


Kim set out some huge pumpkins in the fall, and they collapsed where they stood into 2-D versions of themselves.


A lot of the kales I spotted are in the same boat as the leeks – some frost damage on the edges but healthy in the center.


The curly kale varieties seem to have weathered the winter a lot better than the long leaf ones.


I always wondered what those curly leaves were for, apart from hiding bugs.


Ken put down oat grass (I think) at the end of the summer, just like our seed swap speaker recommended. I looks to be doing its job.


I hoped I might see the bees out and about, but maybe it was still a little too cold. With any luck, they’re all inside in a huddle, vibrating to keep themselves warm. We put an entrance reducing screen over the front door to keep mice out. Mice love making nests in warm beehives in the winter.


My garlic started coming up in January of all times. I thought it was done for, but I have assurances from my horticulturalist dad that it’s very tough. It’s already survived that frigid Valentine’s Day, so I guess he’s trustworthy.


Keri and Justin have some snazzy water cooler greenhouses protected by guard gnomes.


I took a peek in one and found lettuce! Real lettuce! The guard gnomes are doing their job well.


Keri and Justin probably have a hand in it, too.

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