The End of an Era

20151017_114655Fall is here with a vengeance, which means winter will be here soon with an actual vengeance, and it’s time to batten down the garden for the season.

Thank you to everyone who came out on the work day last week to clear out their plots and help make some much needed changes!

The star of the show last Saturday was the new compost bin. The one by the bee hive was getting a little long in the tooth and starting to become compost itself. Its time had come. We had a good turnout, which meant we could break into teams and get different parts put together at once.

Angel, Renee, and Cheryl painted some brand new signs.


Lookin’ good!


Under Norma’s supervision, we ripped out the old bin and moved out the compost. It had broken down really nicely, and had also become home to some opportunistic garlic and potatoes.


Craig, Norma, and I assembled pieces of the new bin off in the parking lot where Butter could supervise from Norma’s truck. We then dragged them inside to make one big monster.

Here Ken, Norma, Craig, and Harue are sinking the back wall into a trench and attaching one of the interior walls.


And here are Justin, Keri, and Lori on the other side, ripping out roots that got in the way of the new bin. Maybe I should have asked them to pose…


And here it is finished! It certainly looks a lot sturdier than the old one.


This day was also about cleaning out and winterizing plots. By pure chance, the first frost of the season was scheduled for (and followed through) that very night, so there was some frantic picking of warm weather crops.

Sally pulled out her tomato plants and got a huge haul of cherry tomatoes that scattered everywhere.


Peggy’s collard greens are huge and healthy and will do just fine in a frost. She had to rip out a lot of other things, though.

Since a lot of gardeners were harvesting more than they could handle, Renee got a real bounty of vegetables and flowers for Amos House and Camp Street Ministries.


I did some battening down of my own, digging up all the peppers in my boyfriend’s plot and moving them to the “safety” of my hoop house. Anyone who’s seen my plot recently knows just how important those quotations marks are.


But that’s a tale of woe for another post.

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