Another Harvest Party Come and Gone

The Harvest Party was a rip roarin’ success!

The garden gods are capricious, but they must believe we’ve paid our dues. What began as the Year of the Woodchuck has rounded out into a bountiful harvest and a rockin’ year end party. Thank you to everyone who came out and made it possible!

The lovely flower and kale arrangements were grown by Kimbly, Norma, Holly, and our very own Perimeter Fence. I was completely jealous and may have to branch out into flowers next year. That being said, I never knew kale could be so festive.


Norma, it goes without saying, was instrumental in making things happen – here she is putting the finishing touches on the welcoming Harvest Man.12045258_10153725583746122_4567596693274170576_o

She also brought her always-popular clay whistles to the raffle. The real winners were two particularly crazed looking woodchucks. I was hoping for one, but it wasn’t in the cards.

I’m not too let down – I have this fantastic zucchini man from last year’s party.


Also in the raffle (and expertly modeled) were homemade preserves, a home-grown luffa, hand painted art, and a hand-laser-cut plot number, to name a few. I cast a wide net but got only one prize – the coveted Al Forno cooking lesson! I’ve buried the certificate in a chest in a forest glade that only I know about.


Though the raffle was a big draw, the food couldn’t be beat, either. I sampled a little bit of everything, including chocolate caramel brownies, kale salad, and garden-grown grapes. Usually I make the infamous candied bacon, but this time I passed the torch to my roommate Will. I think he performed admirably.

The KC Moaners made a return appearance from Harvest Party 2014 and kept things swingin’ all night. Here’s to hoping they come back next year!


And that’s it! My story could have a better narrative, but I was too busy living it up to do any real investigative journalism. I hope no one notices!

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