Hello Gardeners, Wait Listers & supporters of the Fox Point Community Garden.

I want to take a moment to thank you for all the hard work you guys have done over the last several weeks. The garden looks pretty great!
You may have noticed a large, assuming structure near the beehive I thought you might like to know more about it.
Last Friday evening, a bunch of us put this structure together to act as a foundation for a hanging gourd garden. Every year we’ve tried to put something up with mixed results, and so this year we built a freestanding structure.
We also built a new compost bin to the left of the southmost compost area. It is currently open for deposit. As a reminder, no meat nor bones should go in the compost. Large, woody stalks need to be cut down to a reasonable size, too. Neither whole eggs (but broken eggs are fine). There is a complete list of Do’s & Don’ts at each compost bin, so if you’re unsure, just check it.
Another quick reminder: Fox Point Community Garden is an organic garden. Please do not use Miricle Gro, Scotts, or other non-organic type soils / fertilizers in the garden. We don’t ask for much at the garden, but this is key. Absolutely no chemical pesticides are ever allowed. It is part of your contract with the garden to adhere to this and other rules.
Lastly,  This coming weekend is the South Side Community Land Trust Plant Sale!!! Yes, it deserves three exclamation points!
We will be having a “work weekend” each evening (4-near dusk) after the sale so you can plant and boast of your booty simultaneously.  It is also a time to take care of some weeding around the garden, or general cleaning up.
Though the plant sale doesn’t start until Saturday, my regular Friday hours are in effect, so I will be at the garden in the evenings all weekend, should you need to see me or secure a plot (wait list).
See you soon.

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