Garden Dates

Hello Gardeners!

First, I’d like to thank you for your patience in both melting of snow and receiving garden updates.  The board and I met last Thursday to discuss dates for the coming season. This is what we came up with:
Reoccurring Dates
  • All Monday & Friday evenings after the first work day are considered “informal work evenings.” This allows those of us unable to make weekend shifts an opportunity to work with other community members on community projects.
  • Fridays are “manager hours” and I will be on site for the last few hours of daylight (usually about 5-8p)
  • Through the season, we will hold Community Meetings on the 3rd Monday of the month.
  • Thursdays will continue to be the collection day for Camp Street Ministries.

Workdays & Plots

  • The first work event is scheduled for April 17-19 (This includes Friday). All contracts & payments are due by the end of the first work weekend (4-19); I will have contracts on hand. This will also be when I will hand out plots from the wait list to those that come to help get the garden started! The lock combos will be changed by that Sunday. Hours: Friday from 6-dusk; Sat & Sun 10-2 officially but you may come earlier or later. More info as we near the dates will come available. Rain date: 4-24 thru 26
  • The South Side Community Land Trust Plant Sale is schedule for May 16-17. We will have our second work weekend from 3- dusk. Go to the plant sale, and then come to the garden and get yer starts in the ground!
  • Any abandoned plots will be reassigned by July 1, no exceptions.
  • All rain dates are one week following original dates.


  • Friday, June 19, 6pm
  • Monday, July 20, 6pm
  • Sunday, Aug 16, 4pm
  • Thursday, Sept 24th, Annual Harvest Party & FUNraiser
These dates will be posted in the shed on a physical calendar and online; they can be changed if we, as a community, need to change them.

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