Garden Workday 11/9 9am – 2pm

HI guys…

There’s still quite a bit to do at the garden, namely in getting the area around your plot weeded (get the deep weeds, the ones that may be trouble in the spring) and putting your own plot to rest.
Thanks to those that came yesterday and did so much!  I’ll be at the garden a little later this afternoon. There should be a to-do list hanging around.
Also there’s a bunch of stuff up for grabs along the fence that is left over from the shed cleanup.. take what you want, but take it home!

P.S. Here are some examples of how plots should or shouldn’t look at this time of year, plus a nice photo of Daisy & the results of some great collaborative work on the terrace yesterday… thanks!

Harvest Party Recap

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So you weren’t at the Annual Harvest Party & Fundraiser? Well, you were probably the only one who wasn’t there because it was PACKED at the Portuguese American Social Club on October 2nd. And our raffle? OUT OF CONTROL with GOODNESS, YO’S!

The Harvest Party is such a great event for so many reasons, but I’d like to take a moment to express a few of them here:

a) The Harvest Party allows us to see each other outside of the context of the garden, to chat, catch-up, recall botanical experiments and compare notes.

b) The Harvest Party offers us an opportunity to experience and embrace the generosity of our neighbors and our community-at-large through our raffle and our potluck.

c) The Harvest Party provides us with the knowledge of our local businesses, without whose support, we would not be able to do as much for the community as we do. Our raffle tells us who supports us, and we, in turn, support them with our local business dollars.

d) The Harvest Party gives us a time to convene and celebrate all that we are able to give back to the community and celebrate our members for doing so, in-and-out of the garden.

e) The Harvest Party provides the funds, through our raffle via the donations by the gardeners and the local business people, to keep the plot fees low enough to allow anyone in the community a place to grow their own food or flowers.

f) The Harvest Party lets us recognize the hard work of the members and volunteers that collect and donate extra produce to those who need it most. Each year the garden donates fresh produce to Camp St. Ministries, and this year Renee & her crew collected over 500lbs of fresh food that would have likely gone to the compost pile or rotted on the vine.

g) The Harvest Party gives us a chance to completely jam out with the KC Moaners, our favorite jug band of all time.

A very special thank you should be made to the Portuguese American Social Club for providing the space for not only our annual Harvest Party, but also for our annual Seed Swap in the late winter. Thank them the next time you’re in the neighborhood for helping us out every year.

Our raffle for this year:

  1. Deck’s handcrafted spoons (musical instrument) Deck Nieforth (KC Moaners)
  2. WhiskyRI tasting – Thom Mitchell
  3. 2 books: Your Farm in the City & The Organic Herb Gardener Holly Dobbs
  4. Springtime bunny poo Holly Dobbs
  5. Massage or Alexander Technique work Holly Dobbs
  6. Estate plan Edie Warren
  7. Chocolate Truffles (Laughing Gull Chocolates) Lindsay Tarnoff
  8. BE_Loved houseplants Millie Mclean
  9. Coffee maker with thermos called “Café Therm” by Phillips. Daisy Schnepel
  10. Portable Charbroil gas grille Daisy Schnepel
  11. Dancing flowers! Renee Fullerton
  12. Book: SEEING FLOWERS (Discover the Hidden Life of Flowers) Renee Fullerton
  13. Coptic bound garden journal Justin Lewis
  14. Glass plates Harue Shimomoto
  15. Sterling silver spiral hoop earrings Ana
  16. Plot Number Sign makers Nova & Kevin
  17. Pet drawing from a photo Karen Usas
  18. 5 Ceramic vegetable whistles Norma Anderson
  19. Medicinal / Herbal tinctures Julie Powers & John Drake
  20. Flower garden paperweight Chris Belleau
  21. Several glass pumpkins & $20 Gift Certificate Gallery Belleau
  22. $25 Gift Cert Grass Fed Meats
  23. $25 Gift Cert Flatbread Company
  24. $25 Gift Cert The Rue De L’Espoir
  25. Two 200ml Bottle Gift Pack Olive Del Mundo
  26. Signed Copy of “Cucina Simpatica Al Forno
  27. $25 Gift Certificate Citron Spa
  28. 2 Gift Certificates for Haircut & Glaze ($60 value) Papillon Jaune Salon
  29. Giftbox: 1/2lb coffee sampler, Monster Mug & 3-month Coffee Subscription New Harvest Coffee
  30. 6 months coffee subscription Coffee Exchange
  31. Framed picture Garrett Sheehan
  32. Products of the Hive gift basket Lisa Nason
  33. Silver earrings Brooklyn Jewelry
  34. 1 dozen Jelly Jars w/lids Edie Warren
  35. Bicycle tune-up Kurt Teichert
  36. Rush birdhouses Renee Fullerton
  37. Beauty Pageant Wrestling Photos, 1966 Jim Chapin (KC Moaners)
  38. 1Qt wildflower honey Bare Hand Apiary
  39. Butternut squash from our garden Harue Shimomoto
  40. $25 gift card Tallulah Taco
  41. Daisy picture Bonnie Buck
  42. Houseplants Becky!

If you are on the donator’s list and you have a preferred website you would like to be linked, or if I have made a mistake, please contact me straight away and I’ll be happy to correct it.

Thank you to everyone who donated time, money, items, food and big garden love to our party /slash/ FUNdraiser and to the garden-at-large this year and all previous years.

With kindness,
Keri (& Justin!), on behalf of
The Fox Point Community Garden