Work Dates & Chores: IMPORTANT

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Hello resident & waitlisted gardeners!
Well, that was one heck of a winter, right? We’re all a bit behind schedule as it is warming up FAST in New England! So let’s get this season going!
Instead of one work weekend, I’m going to break the workdays up into the next three Saturdays, April 19 (the next), April 26 & May 3. from 9-2 officially, but can be any time throughout the day.
Unofficial work evenings will continue this year on Fridays from about 6-8 (weather dependent); chores on Fridays will include light work, for example weeding, making preparations for work days or whatever little things need to be done. .
The city is aware that we will be cleaning up the garden and has notified the workers to drop off wood chips.
Please wear sturdy shoes and bring work gloves. If you have cordless tools (drills/saws) that is helpful if you want to help build things.
On April 19th, Kimbly & Norma will be needing help with the following:
  • (Kimbly) Pulling out nearly everything currently growing on the terrace (near the fox and bee hive).  We are prepping this area for the new hive. Kimbly’s brother will be doing some work here.
  • (Kimbly) Organizing the 2nd floor of the shed to make it a more workable Bee Keeping work area
  • (Kimbly) Assembling, painting and setting up the new hive – our new bees should arrive in a week or two so I need to bee ready
  • (Norma) People willing to use tools should bring cordless drills to assemble new plot frames.
  • (Garden) Compost piles must be rotated, so people who love to get down and dirty can do that.
  • (Garden) Weed & spread wood chips in pathways
This is an excellent opportunity to get your 2-hour monthly commitment into the garden as well as acquaint yourself with the resident gardeners or earn yourself a plot!
I will post this notice on the website; if you have questions, please post them there so that I can answer everybody efficiently. Equally, if there are things to add, I will add them there so as to not flood your email with things I have remembered in the middle of the night.
See you soon!!


2 thoughts on “Work Dates & Chores: IMPORTANT

  • April 13, 2014 at 4:49 PM

    Hey K,
    Happy Spring.
    Pulling out the entire terrace: Kimbly, please provide some direction – I trust we are saving the plants that make happy bees? Do we pot up for transplant?
    Looking forward to getting hands in soil.


    • April 13, 2014 at 5:29 PM

      Don’t worry! We are saving the plants that make for happy bees; the terrace is way overcrowded. We can pot up for transplant or give some of the things to gardeners as gifts for their homes, even.

      Kimbly will have instruction on the 19th, no worries. We’ll have more info on the bulletin board as it comes more clear as to what needs to get done.


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