A sincere thank you, updates & connections.

Good afternoon, Gardeners!

I hope you all are enjoying the wonderful Indian Summer we’ve been experiencing. We’re still harvesting quite a bit, even with these chilly evenings.
Which reminds me: Renee & her posse are still collecting for Camp Street on Thursday nights. Don’t let your late-season produce go to waste! If you have anything you’d like to donate to Camp Street Ministries, please email Renee directly (you should have received her email address in the email I sent you) . Include your plot number and whatever other information you have (like what she can take, how much of it, etc.)
Currently, there is no power in the shed. A few weeks ago, a pole fell near the garden, cutting electricity to several parts of the park area. Some of it has been reconnected, but so far, the shed has not. The city has been notified, but please use extra caution in the shed on these darker days. We’ll get some flashlights, too and place them near the entryway; please be sure to put them back where you found them. I hope to have this done really soon.
And as noted before, I apologize for not giving a recap on the party for the few of you that missed it. We had family in town, and I was nary near a computer or phone for a good 10 days. So here’s the scoop: the party was SO. MUCH. FUN. It was also ridiculously delicious: the depth of our gardeners’ culinary expertise always surprises me.
Nobody brought any hideous vegetables, but we’ve all been eyeing the Soares’  “questionable” squash  All summer long, many of us have eyeballed this curiosity and somebody snapped a fantastic photo of them with it. Congratulations!
We also had one of the largest raffles that I can remember in my four years at the garden, which offers me into a nice segue of “thank you all so much for your generosity” and “did you receive your item?”  There were a couple items that are seasonal and have to be exchanged in the spring, but otherwise, I just want to make sure you got the items for which you bid.
Also, at the party, we had a ballot for the next workday(s). That ballot is now taped to the inside of the shed door. It’s looking like the first weekend in November, which (maybe not) coincidentally is approximately the appropriate time to plantchyer gahhhlick.  More information can be found here: http://www.foxpointgarden.org/2012/11/11/garlic-timeline/
As many of you know, brevity is not my specialty, but in light of respecting your willingness to read long entries, I’ll stop here. This means I may miss something important. I hope not, but if I did, I’ll add it to the website posting of this same message.
Thank you all for a great season thus far, and I’ll be seeing you the first weekend of November (more details to come).