This coming Thursday, Thursday, THURSDAY: Our 8th Annual Harvest Party & FUNraiser!

And the RAFFLE IS LOOKIN’ FLY, YO’S! (In other words, it’s shaping up nicely!)

Raffle items are still filtering in, but we’ve got so many wonderful things from our talented group of gardeners, that this is certainly a party you don’t want to miss!  Asparagus crowns, Apple Pie, Handmade ceramic, blown glasss, gift certificates for local businesses (salons, fitness & restaurants) & even for Stop n Shop!  And there is So. Much. More.  Get your Christmas shopping on and done!

Door prizes will include garlic for this coming November planting season plus an array of  lovely smaller things. Supplies are limited!

We will also have the last of our local honey for sale at the party. THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE for 2013 honey!  Come early!


Print one for your fridge, or for your neighbor… 2013 Harvest Party Flyer

“In the Community Garden” by Mark Doty

It’s almost over now,

late summer’s accomplishment,

and I can stand face to face


with this music,

eye to seed-paved eye

with the sunflowers’ architecture:


such muscular leaves,

the thick stems’ surge.

Though some are still


shiningly confident,

others can barely

hold their heads up;


their great leaves wrap the stalks

like lowered shields. This one

shrugs its shoulders;


this one’s in a rush

to be nothing but form.

Even at their zenith,


you could see beneath the gold

the end they’d come to.

So what’s the use of elegy?


If their work

is this skyrocket passage

through the world,


is it mine to lament them?

Do you think they’d want

to bloom forever?


It’s the trajectory they desire—

believe me, they do

desire, you could say they are


one intent, finally,

to be this leaping

green, this bronze haze


bending down. How could they stand

apart from themselves

and regret their passing,


when they are a field

of lifting and bowing faces,

faces ringed in flames?


“In the Community Garden” by Mark Doty, fromFire to Fire. © Harper Collins, 2008. Reprinted with permission.

URI Events

This fall, the URI Outreach Center invites you to their garden for classes held in Providence and Kingston.

“Growing Outside the Plot” is a new series of hands-on workshops designed to provide novice and experienced gardeners and food enthusiasts with easy, affordable and rewarding alternatives to conventional backyard growing practices. Classes are held outside in Roger Williams Park in the new Community and Edible Forest Gardens in Providence.

Geared toward novice to intermediate gardeners, the 2013 edition of URI Fall Gardening School includes topics that encourage the establishment of beneficial insects, songbirds, vibrant color and healthy soil in the garden.

Join URI Outreach during twilight hours in the stunning URI Botanical Gardens in Kingston. Stay tuned for the Fall URI Master Composter Training, Fall Fest at the Roger Williams Park Botanical Center and our new Wellness Retreats! More info:  or find them on Facebook