Update for W/E 7/5

Hey Folks!

Sorry for the very short notice, but collections for Camp St Ministries this week will be held tonight, Tuesday, for Wednesday delivery. It’s more of an FYI since I feel that many of you won’t get this message in time to do anything about it. I apologize for the short notice, but I am just spreading the word.

I don’t mean to cause any alarm, but I heard a story from a gardener about (what I believe to be) a non-garden-related canine attack at the baseball park.  I don’t have too many details about it, except that my neighbor was questioned by the mother of the attacked child about the incident and if he knew anything, which he didn’t. It serves as a good reminder to keep an eye out for loose dogs and loose children, anywhere in the neighborhood.

—— update ——–

Subject: Need help identifying dog that bit child
WE NEED YOUR HELP! One of our Fox Point/East Side little league baseball players was attacked and bitten badly in the leg and arm by a dog at the Gano Street baseball park on Saturday morning. A guy who was with the dog and another dog left before we could find out anything about them.
The police are already looking for them, but would like any help to find the dog and owner.
Here’s the best description we have:
The dog was medium sized, short medium brown hair, pitbull type, chain collar. The other dog was mostly white with brown, same type of dog but smaller. The guy was maybe late twenties, white, about 5’9, brown shoulder length wavy hair, wearing a navy blue t-shirt, open arm ripped at one side, tan shorts. He left on foot (no car) from the Gano Street field.
Please email Officer Frank Moody frankmoody@verizon.net or call PVD police if you have any information.

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