Potluck Superb!

What a wonderful evening we were able to spend together on Friday!  It’s always such a pleasure to get to know the gardeners and all their talents, both relating to the garden and outside of it.

With so many new members this year, it’s especially nice for us to get to know each other! Thank you for all your gifts, both personally and gastronomically!


There were several showy dishes that Justin raved about after the party: a sweet potato or squash with broccoli, black bean salad, guacamole, rhubarb, raspberry pie… we came prepared, wearing adjustable garments. Needless to say, we adjusted them as the night and our bellies grew.

Renee talked a bit about the gratefully-received donations to Camp Street Ministries (collection every Thursday – if you’d like to donate any produce, leave a note on the bulletin board) which reminded me of how important our space is for the community-at-large, not just our community.

Ras Rody talked a bit about his book, Sips, Bites & Sweets – a delicious softcover that explains the philosophy behind I-tal food (Jamaica) and how he came to believe in it.

Chris Belleau gave an update on his glass studio which recently moved to East Providence (welcome to the ‘hood!) and reminded us that he’s always at (his) Belleau Gallery on Wickenden on Saturdays!

It just reminds me how important we all are to our community, and what a diverse, wonderful and talented group of people we get to garden with.  We’re so fortunate!

On an administrative note, the garden is looking A.MAZ.ING!  There’s only one plot that looks kind of shabby, and it is hopefully being reassigned this weekend.

Thank you for starting the season off with a bang!  I’ll see you guys at minimum this coming Friday, but I hope to drop in during the week! Much love!

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