gates / mgr hours / potluck / camp st.

Hi Gardeners,

This is a quick note to remind you of a few really important things:

The gates were found wide open again yesterday, when we got to the garden with nobody in the garden. I can’t express it enough: it is absolutely imperative that you lock the garden up behind you. If a child comes in the open gates and gets hurt, we will lose the garden. There are children ALL OVER that area, many of them loosely supervised. Before you leave, you must, without question, check all the gates and/or check in with any gardeners left in the garden.  All you have to do is yell “is anybody here?” If you don’t get an answer, lock the gates.

I will not be at the garden this coming Friday, June 21. I won’t have access to email or phone for a solid week, but I look forward to seeing you, Friday, June 28 for our FIRST POTLUCK of the season! 

I believe that the collection for Camp Street Ministries will start this Thursday.  Please drop by Thursday to donate whatever you have available, or leave a note for Renee on the bulletin board.

Don’t forget to weed around your plot and adjacent plots! It is about to get very thick in the pathways if we don’t nip it. I’ve got a standing request in for woodchips. If they show up, spread ’em!

I’ll see you guys soon!


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