Friday Evening 5/17

Hello Gardeners & Wait List,

I’m writing to let you know that Justin & I will be at the garden tomorrow night to help “kick off’ the season with this fantastic warm weather.  The garden is almost completely full! There has been some shifting and finagling, but I believe that we are down to the last six plots.

For those of you on the wait list, this weekend (but preferably tomorrow) is your last chance. For those current gardeners waiting on a second plot, it is not likely I will be able to give you one, as the wait list is growing as each day gets progressively warmer.

With that said, those of you that have plots that appear in disarray should truly consider taking some time this weekend to make it appear tended, or it will be reassigned to one of the salivating resident gardeners who tend their plots willfully.   I mean this as a firm reminder of your commitment to the community at large, not so much as a threat.  It’s just your weeds are looking to multiply in your neighbor’s wanton, fertile soil, and, well, it’s just not fair to your neighbor to have to clean up after your mess.  So please, do your best to get down to the garden ASAP and put some time in.

For the majority of gardeners, thank you so much for all of your hard work! The garden is looking really great overall! We have a LOT of new faces and I look forward to seeing many of them over the weekend!

Also, a quick reminder: The Annual SSCLT Plant sale is this weekend. So go get your plantin’ on!

Most sincerely,

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