Thursday w/ Norma


We have a board meeting scheduled for 6:00 on Thursday night. I made the schedule before my schedule changed just a bit, so I would like to change the meeting to 6:40pm on Thusday. I’ll be coming in from Pawtucket at 6pm and should be able to be at the garden by 6:30, latest at 6:45.
After the meeting, I can work with anybody on the wait list. I have only a few plots available, and I’m looking to get them all booked this weekend. So I’ll also be around Friday evening, and maybe even Saturday.  So let’s talk!
Thank you so much for all your work at the garden thus far. Everything looks really great!
From Norma:

Our first load of lumber has been used up.  The orangeflags mark the plots that are in need of repair or replacement. Persons who wish to have help improving their plot markers should come to the garden during Thrsay office hours and be on hand to ear and help with the improvements needed.

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