Workweekend Update

Hello Garden Community!

Saturday (yesterday) turned out to be an amazing day to be down at the garden! The weather was surprisingly perfect and the rains on Friday made for very easy weeding around the plots.

Please be advised that the combination to the shed & gates has been changed. The new combination is on your contract. If you haven’t given me a contract for this year, please see me as soon as possible. If payment for your plot is an issue, it is no issue! I will be happy to wait on payment, so long as I have your commitment so that i may finish fulfilling the wait list. In other words, just let me know that you’re coming back.

The “to-do” list is on the bulletin board on a clipboard but here it also is with notes.

  1. Pull everything out of shed; rearrange with new stuff we rescued from New Leaf’s trash.
  2. Weed around all plots, pathways, fence & community areas.(note: weeds with seeds go in drowning buckets or brown bags to try to prevent compost from getting clogged up with viable seed). A lot of this was done today, but please walk around the pathways and look for spots that were missed.
  3. Construct or reconstruct brick or stonework and stepping areas as necessary
  4. Pull up any instance of Japanese Knot Weed
  5. Pick up any trash you see anywhere in or outside of the garden. Pay special attention to rocks or stones that would be in the pathway of the riding mowers that the city workers use. SUPER IMPORTANT: rocks can easily get caught in the moving parts of the mowers and be hurled at extremely dangerous speeds that could hurt any number of people. Please, if you ever see any stones or rocks in the grassy areas, just pick them up and bring them to the perimeter.

Norma & her posse really put out a lot of work today. There are new frames on many plots that desperately needed it! If you see a flag in your plot, it means that it is marked for fixing, that is all. If you have any questions or concerns about it, please see me. Also please note that I probably won’t check email until later this week; I’m not ignoring you.

Meanwhile, if there are any pressing concerns, you may ask them here and any community member may answer!

2 thoughts on “Workweekend Update

  • April 22, 2013 at 1:10 AM

    Hello! My name is Wayne. I would like to purchase a plot. May I ask where to send a money order of $25. I hope to hear from you soon.

    • April 25, 2013 at 10:39 PM

      Hi Wayne!

      There is currently a wait list for plots at Fox Point. I’ll email you directly with more information. -mgr (Keri)


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