Workweekend: 4-20/21-13

Hello Gardeners & those on the wait list!

I am writing to remind you that this weekend, Saturday & Sunday, April 20 / 21 is our first work weekend of the season.

Please wear comfortable, sturdy shoes; bring gloves, hand tools and a friendly disposition!Norma & her posse will be fixing uip plots with new lumber. If you want to be part of her posse, bring a cordless drill and any other tool you think would be useful! I’m not sure what time they’ll be starting on Saturday, but my guess is in the cooler-but-not-too-early hours, say, 9:00

We’re going to leave the hours open; drop by whenever is convenient for you! I will be there around 10 on Saturday and will stay until I get too tired to continue.

There will be several things in the shed that may be pertinent to you:

1) a login sheet. Please don’t forget to log your time. Even if you don’t already have a plot, write your information down.

2) a list of things to do! I’ll have this posted on the bulletin board as well. Off-hand, I know there is a TON of weeding to be done. All the pathways are overrun with red dead nettle

3) contracts for those of you that still need to commit for the season.We will be changing the padlock codes to the locks this weekend. I don’t need your payment, but I do need your commitment so that I can give your plot away if you’re not going to be using it.

That’s it for right now. I look forward to seeing and meeting you on Saturday & Sunday!

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