Workweekend List

This list will be posted around the garden as well, but here’s a heads-up.

Tools needed : cordless drills, loppers, pruning shears. Wear good, sturdy shoes and gloves.

This list may be added to, but this is what I have so far.

  • permiter
    • cut 2nd year blackberries at base of vines, and especially where they interfere with the Steel Yard sculpture murals. Be sure to use the Hazard elbow length gloves.
    • make sure nothing is growing into the mobile sculpture
    • use WD40 in all joints of movable parts of the mobile sculpture(s)
    • cut mulberries as close to base as possible near the greenhouse / inside of fence where they are encroaching.
    • look for any bittersweet and cut it (place in brown bags, do not compost)
    • pull any knotweed (place in brown bags, do not compost)
  • compost
    • weed barrels removed from center of north bins, emptied & stored in shed
    • all fresh materials removed from inappropriate bins, chopped up and replaced
    • all composted material moved to rightmost bins
    • all new material to be added MUST BE CHOPPED UP no longer than a forearm’s length, including sunflower stalks
  • terrace
    • thinned out
    • walkways repaired or at least organized to be repaired in the spring
    • sunflowers removed & chopped up for compost
    • remove any debris in walkways
  • chips spread (if any left)
  • organize shed
    • put away in shed
    • watering cans
    • tomato cages
    • tomato stakes
    • tools (should be hung up and neatly organized
    • organize seeds area including pots, hand tools, trays & starter kits
  • plots
    • cleared and “put to bed”
    • mulched with leaves or “brown material” from home / garden
    • accounted for, weeded if overgrown (weeds with seeds go into weed barrels)
    • plots that are not cared for by end of work weekend will be on alert to redistribute next spring
  • pathways
    • cleared and mulched

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