Harvest Party Thanks

Those of you that made it to the 7th Annual Harvest Party & Fundraiser know that we had an EXCELLENT raffle list, as always, from gardeners and local merchants. I want to take a moment to thank all of you that donated & the merchants with a link to corresponding websites. Remember, as a community, we support our community neighbors!

A special thank you to Seth Yurdin, Ward 1 Majority Leader, Providence City Council, who has been the imperative link between the garden and the city. Without Seth, we wouldn’t be where we are today, so be sure to extend your thanks to him when you see him around the garden or in the neighborhood. Additionally, the Superintendent of Parks & Recreation, Robert McMahon, has diligently worked to keep the area tidy despite congestion due to layoffs and budget cuts. When you see a city Parks & Rec worker, give them a thanks for all that they do, not just for us.

I’d like to extend our gratitude to the Portuguese-American Social Club at 32 Sheldon St. in Fox Point. They have been exceptionally generous to our cause over the years and I don’t know that I could express how amazing they have been to us. But you know that. Also, in case you didn’t know: they have great drink prices and the place is nestled in a residential area, so it’s quite peaceful. If you haven’t stopped in, do: it’s one of Providence’s hidden treasures.

Thank you to all of those that donated to the Harvest Party this year and every year before. Your donations help keep the garden affordable all year long!

  • Chris Belleau, member & merchant, Mc’d the raffle as well as donated two beautiful blown glass pumpkins. Gallery Belleau, Wickenden Ave.
  • Campus Fine Wines, merchant, donated six bottles of wine in a carrying bag. Brook St.
  • Ugly American, merchant, donated a $20 Gift Certificat.e Ives St.
  • East Side Creamery, merchant, $20 Gift Certificate. Ives St.
  • Coffee Exchange, merchant, 1 year of coffee. Wickenden St.
  • Benefit St. Antiques, merchant, $50 Gift Certificate, Wickenden St.
  • Z-bar & Grille, merchant, Gift Basket, Wickenden St.
  • Norma Anderson, member, Five (5) Ceramic vegetable whistles ~ by Norma
  • Holly Dobbs, member, Basket of Goodies for the Bath
  • Renee Fullerton, member, (5) dancing Flower Pots
  • Edie Warren, member, Simple Estate Plan ~ from Law Office of Edythe C Warren – May include a simple Will & Powers of Attorney (health & finances)
  • Jeffrey Martener, member, Christmas Cactus
  • Anastasia, member, Handmade earrings
  • Daisy Schnepel, member, Insulated Picnic Basket
  • Lisa, member, Two loaves of homemade bread
  • Jen Thayer Karl, member, Pottery Lesson for 2 at her school/studio ~ by Jen
  • Millie McClean, member, immersion blender mixing tool
  • Angel Dean, beekeeper & member, 2 jars of Fox Point Community Garden honey
  • Kurt Teichart, member, bike tune-up
  • Deck Nieforth, KC Moaners, 1 Set of Musical Spoons AND 5 minute lesson
  • Jim Chapin, KC Moaners,, two CDs of the KC Moaners album

Thank you to the KC Moaners for playing for us for at least every year I have been with the garden. And thank you to Renee Fullerton and all her helpers that collect for Camp Street Ministries every week during high season. Thank you  Norma Anderson for all your power tools and strong direction. Thank you to all the gardeners who come and put your time and energy into our communal space, you know who you are!

Update: I was kindly reminded by a gardener about all the help that Lisa Nason put into the garden this year with our beehive! Lisa Nason deserves a lot of thanks for her assistance with the beehive. The hive provides an important service to the garden, and beyond its value in terms of pollination, it produced more than 30 pounds of honey to sell at the Harvest Party, raising about $300 for the FPCG. Lisa, Kimberly McNulty, and Angel Dean harvested the honey, and Lisa opened up her home to us, where we used her professional setup to process it. The honey yielded two cases. Along with Lisa, Kimberly has helped with the hive this year, wants to learn more about beekeeping, and has been a quick and enthusiastic study. You can get in touch with Lisa through her Facebook page: “Products of the Hive by Nason Family Honey


I’ll look forward to seeing many of you at our 3rd annual Seed Swap in February (more info to come!)


k (&j!)

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