Some Important Dates

work weekends

Saturday April 21st, 9-2
Sunday April 22nd, 10-3

Saturday June 9th, 9-2
Sunday June 10th, 10-3
A third work weekend will be scheduled for late July or August.
The Garden Manager will be on “duty” most Friday evenings throughout the season as weather
permits. Therefore, Friday evenings will also be considered work evenings.

Refer potential gardeners to visit on Friday evenings at the garden

potluck sched.

Friday, June 22nd, 6pm
Saturday, July 14th, 6pm
Sunday, Aug 5th, 6p,
Friday, Aug 31st, 6pm
Saturday, Sept 22nd 5pm
(due to shorter days)

Harvest Party TBA for October.

Potluck Guidelines
Bring enough to feed at least 10 people.
Consider bringing cold drinks like herb tea.
Bring your own dishes & flatware.
The garden has some re-usable dishes & flatware, but we can all agree that it is more sanitary for you to bring your own and take it home.
Note ingredients of your dish.
Bring a blanket or a garden chair.
The garden has a few available, but if you can bring your own, it’s a good idea!
Invite your friends and neighbors!

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