Hello friends of the environment,
Please come to the House Municipal Govt Committee hearing today  (Wed) at the State House, Room 203, at the rise (about 4:30), to support the Complete Streets bill, which would require the RI Transportation Dept (RIDOT) to take into account all forms of transportation — cyclists, pedestrians, and mass transit users, as well as cars — in designing roads.
We believe the bill, which has passed the Senate, can be an important tool for encouraging pedestrian access to the Fox Point waterfront, which is becoming an increasingly popular location for festivals and other public events (see attached fact sheet). If you attend the hearing, please sign up to speak and urge the Committee to vote tomorrow to send the bill to the House floor for a vote.
You can read the bill, H. 7352 at http://status.rilin.state.ri.us/documents/agenda-8790.pdf (see link on p. 4). As this link to the Committee agenda indicates, many bills are under consideration, so it could be a lengthy hearing. Attached is Friends of India Point Park’s letter supporting the bill.
Please forward this request to likely supporters of the bill. Thanks, David

Some Important Dates

work weekends

Saturday April 21st, 9-2
Sunday April 22nd, 10-3

Saturday June 9th, 9-2
Sunday June 10th, 10-3
A third work weekend will be scheduled for late July or August.
The Garden Manager will be on “duty” most Friday evenings throughout the season as weather
permits. Therefore, Friday evenings will also be considered work evenings.

Refer potential gardeners to visit on Friday evenings at the garden

potluck sched.

Friday, June 22nd, 6pm
Saturday, July 14th, 6pm
Sunday, Aug 5th, 6p,
Friday, Aug 31st, 6pm
Saturday, Sept 22nd 5pm
(due to shorter days)

Harvest Party TBA for October.

Potluck Guidelines
Bring enough to feed at least 10 people.
Consider bringing cold drinks like herb tea.
Bring your own dishes & flatware.
The garden has some re-usable dishes & flatware, but we can all agree that it is more sanitary for you to bring your own and take it home.
Note ingredients of your dish.
Bring a blanket or a garden chair.
The garden has a few available, but if you can bring your own, it’s a good idea!
Invite your friends and neighbors!

Newsletter, June 5, 2012

Hey gardeners!

I hope you had a chance to enjoy some of our preview summer weather the last week. As the rain falls, I’m hoping we’re not going to have a 2009 June if you remember how awful, wet and cold that was.

But I have faith!

Anyway, the garden is looking good. There are a few plots that look fairly ragged, though, and I’d bet you know who you are. Remember, it’s not that I care so much about the aesthetics of the plots (though I do), it’s more about not letting your weeds infringe on neighboring gardeners’ plots. So please, at your earliest convenience, come to the garden and weed your plot. It should only take you about a half an hour.

We have a potluck coming up and we’ll be having a friendly competition on the creativity of your plot number sign. I’ve seen some pretty cool ones so far, so you have a couple weeks to exploit the genius in yourselves. Go forth!

With any luck, I will be out of town the Friday after next (June 15). I will be at the garden this Friday (weather permitting) to answer your questions and give support as best I know how.

Plot #36 (Claudia) is having some hopefully temporary time away from the garden, but not  giving up her plot. If people would like to plant extra things in her plot for her and tend it for a little while, I’m sure she would be most grateful. Bless her plot with good community energy. We hope to see her around more often as summer rolls in. I’ll try to keep you posted as best I can.

Soon we will be starting up collecting for Camp Street Ministries. Please see Renee (I’ll introduce her at the potluck) for details. She’s also pretty good about putting things up on the bulletin board.

Also, I’d like to take a moment to thank Seth Yurdin for all the work he’s done with the city to help our garden exist. When you see him, thank him yourself. He’s in plot #2. So thanks, Seth. You’re very much appreciated in both the garden and the city.

We have a lot of new gardeners this year, so I hope that we all spend some time getting to know each other.

If you have a neighboring plot that needs some attention, please let me know and I will contact the member directly. Eventually, I’d like to have an area on the website where you can contact anyone in the garden by yourself, but the site needs a little love on the inside (don’t we all!) before I can add any new features. If you have suggestions for the website, just let me know and I’ll put it on “the list”.

Finally, I will be meeting with Kimbly (#89) to reconcile the spreadsheet of who is in what plot and if their accounts are settled, so you may receive an email asking “which plot are you in again?” or “I don’t have record of payment” but don’t fret; I’m not accusing you of anything, it’s just that there are a lot of new folk and a lot of copying and pasting going around. If you did pay, we have record; if you didn’t yet pay, then we need to settle up before end of June.

Happy late spring! I hope to see you all very soon!


(Keri Marion)