Urban Ag Council Positions

If anyone would like to join South Side Community Land Trust’s Community Grower’s Network as a council member, here’s your chance!

many of you know that the Community Growers Network (what many of  you joined this spring) has a Council. The Council leads the Network – the activities, events, projects, and resource
distribution (think compost!)

we are so proud of our Council, but we need more of you! the Council meets about 6 times a year, while breaking up into committees to work on events and projects.  there are lots of perks to being on the Council – if you’re interested, please let me know and we can chat more about it.

we’re having a Council Social Hour to meet the present Council and also meet potential Council members on Tues. May 22nd, 5-7pm at our office.

we’ll have wine and snacks.  lots of fun will be had!