Work Weekend 4/21-4/22

Hello Gardeners & Potential Gardeners,

Please Join us for the work weekend, tomorrow Saturday, April 21 (9-2) & Sunday, April 22 (10-2). You are welcome to come early or stay later.

There is a whiteboard on the back side of the bulletin board where chores will be marked.

Remember this time is meant for tending the entire garden, not your own plot. Please wear sturdy shoes, gloves and work clothing.  If you have extra cordless power tools to bring, please bring them. Hammers & hand saws are also appreciated.

I’d like to have a general garden meeting around 11 on Saturday.

If you decide to come earlier in the day:

  • Weed around your plot(s) and at least one plot outwardly in all directions.
  • The perimeter of the garden may be weeded
    • do not cut back any of the raspberries, blackberries nor grapes.
  • Remove any trash from the area.
  • Please do not put garden waste in the trash cans. They are meant for regular trash.
  • Put garden refuse in the leftmost compost bins only. Break down large woody stems into pieces no longer than 6″.
  • Everything in the shed needs to come out and be organized
  • The shed needs to be swept out / reconfigured.
    • If anyone has an old, smallish chest of drawers that they want to get rid of: this would be a nice thing to donate to the shed.
  • weed and fix bricks around the terrace

I’m sure there are plenty more things to do, but this is just a preliminary list if you prefer to work in the early hours. There should still be the notebook in the shed to record your time spent at the garden. Remember that every member is required to donate at least 2 hours per month outside of their plots in the garden.

If the weather turns terribly sour tomorrow and Sunday, we’ll postpone the work weekend for the next weekend. If it’s just a little rainy (sprinkles and such) the work weekend continues.

I look forward to seeing many of you tomorrow.

One thought on “Work Weekend 4/21-4/22

  • May 13, 2012 at 3:00 PM

    HI Keri,

    Martin asked me to tell you that he plans to work on his plot even though he hasn’t touched it since last year. It’s a very last plot on the end facing the field. He didn’t know the number. He’s afraid you are going to reassing it, though he did pay.


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