Seed Swap Update

Hello Gardeners & Wait Listed Gardeners!

It is less than one week until we hold our second annual Seed Swap at the Portuguese-American Social Club, 32 Sheldon St., Providence, RI.  I hope all of you can come because along with seeds to trade, we will have two speakers, Michael Bradlee (EcoRI) and John Kenny (Big Train Farm)  joining us to talk about soil building and composting.

Other than yourselves, what to bring:

  • This is a semi-potluck event. If you want to bring some kind of appetizer or snack food, please don’t hesitate to do so. It should pair nicely with bar drinks as there is a cash bar downstairs that supports the P-ASC, so please support them responsibly 🙂  It is not required that you bring anything, but it is appreciated.
  • If you are bringing seeds, please try to include as much information about them as you have, for instance, how long they take to grow, if they are annual or perennial, any special care (shade or full sun), etc.
  • If you are renewing your plot, please be prepared to sign the new contract and bring your dues by way of a check made out to Fox Point Community Garden.
  • We are not handing out open plots yet, so if you are on the wait list, there is no need to bring payment. But we’d still love to have you come to the Seed Swap and get to know your future neighbor gardeners. FYI: I’ll be starting to assign plots around St. Patrick’s Day after the bulk of our resident gardeners have renewed.
  • If you are receiving this email and you DO NOT want to renew, please let me know so I can open up your plot for assignment in March. You are still welcome to the Seed Swap, and I hope you come!
  • If you will be out of town for the seed swap and want to renew, do not fret. We will meet up at another date to take care of it. I am just trying to get the bulk of the resident gardeners renewed so I know what’s open, but I won’t give away your plot without communicating with you first.

To download a .pdf of the Seed Swap flier for your fridge, click here.

Happy pre-Spring, yo’s!!