notice to gardeners!

I got this email from Evan today… reply in comments or use the contact form to email me directly (but comments would be a better place because I’m super duper busy this week)

I’ll be doing a recap of the party (great success!) and some other news in the next week or so.


A couple things…I think I left a red and white checker dishcloth at the potluck on Monday…any chance anyone picked it up? If one of our gardeners didn’t is there someone at the club I can call or email?

Also, I was at the garden yesterday and found TWO blackberry cellphones. They both seem to be missing SIM cards and one is missing a battery. One of them was actually in the compost pile so my guess is that one of our gardeners didn’t lose it, but that someone simply threw them into the garden from the parking lot in an attempt to get rid of them. Not sure if you want to email the garden and see if anyone is missing them, however unlikely it may be.


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