This guy is ready to party! Norma built him for the Harvest Party coming up THIS THURSDAY, October 20 at 6pm.

We’ll have raffle items from the community available from the gardeners and local merchants. What better way to support the local infrastructure of our community by hanging out with them.

We’ll also have a potluck of deliciousness created by our very own. Be sure to prepare for at least 8 people. If you have opportunity to bring your own plates, silverware & cups, please do, but the garden does have re-usable dinneware available.

We’ll also have the KC Moaners again with their usual jug-band style. It’s sure to be a good time. I hope you all can make it.

A reminder: The party is not at the garden. It is at the Portuguese-American Social Club, located at 32 Sheldon street in Providence. This is 1 block up from Wickenden Street, off Traverse street. My best directions say to go to the Coffee Exchange and then up Traverse (the street next to the lot associated with Utrect).

If you have any dead corn stalks or other decor from your plot, email me (use the contact form so I don’t overwhelm my box with spam from putting my address here).

See you soon!

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