Update about Donations

Hello Gardeners,

I just received this email from Renee who collects donations for Camp Street Ministries & Amos House.

Today I delivered to Amos House again as their hours are very flexible for delivery. They also have cooks which prepare meals and can use the kinds of green we have to very good results. The kale we delivered was very well received. All ingredients for soups are especially helpful.

The request I got today was for jalapeños and tomatillos. Can you send a note to our members and let them know that we are looking. Since people lost so much real food during the weather problems, any donations that they can give will be most helpful. You cannot imagine how grateful all of these agencies are when we come with real, healthy food.

So if you have any of these things to donate, remember that Renee & Norma collect on Thursday evenings. Leave a note on the bulletin board with your plot number (or location) and what they can collect for the communities that need it.

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