Thom Mitchell’s Tomato Talk

Thom Mitchell (plots 11 & 12) gave a tomato workshop at the garden a few weeks ago… here’s the original summary! James Crowley (plots 47 & 48) joined in. It looks like it was a really good time!

The French called them pommes d’amour—”apples of love.” Evidently, there is a lot of love for tomatoes here in Providence, because we had thirty-five people come to the workshop on Taming Your Tomatoes on Saturday!

The program was led by Thom Mitchell, a regular volunteer with the Community Land Trust and a member of the Fox Point Community Garden, which is located on the city’s east side. The folks at Fox Point had graciously agreed to host the workshop; their well-tended plots were the perfect backdrop for the event, and Thom was able to show everyone his actual tomato plants and stakes.

He was joined by James Crowley, a longtime gardener and tomato expert who also grows at Fox Point. Together, they discussed pruning, staking, watering, coping with pests, and preserving the fruits with the assembled group. We’re glad so many people took advantage of the free program on such a beautiful day! Good luck to everyone with your plants this summer.

p.s. If you missed the workshop and would like some tips on how to prune your tomatoes, check out this comprehensive article from Fine Gardening. And if you’re curious about those suckers, be sure to check out this handy visual illustration of what they look like.

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