Just a heads-up: I found out today that the compost we received from SSCLT is from Resource Recovery Center. I am not sure that it is organic. I have made an email and a phone call to SSCLT for more information (and a little griping that we weren’t given the information before we purchased the compost), as well as left a facebook message to Resource Recovery for clarification on its product.

I don’t know that the small amount of non-organic compost will make a big difference in the grand scheme of things; however, because we are a strictly organic garden,before you spread any more of it, please wait to spread more until we can get some answers.

I’m so sorry for any inconvenience. Had I more information in the beginning, I would have passed it along. I went to all of the Growers’ Network meetings and didn’t once hear that the source of the compost would be different than last year.

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