2011 Waitlist

(copy of email sent this morning)


I want to thank you all for your patience! Currently there are almost 70 people on the wait list. I want to open a conversation about the following subjects so we can find the best way to go about getting everybody a spot. I will post this on the website as well and I encourage the conversation to take place there as well as here so that there’s as much open talk as possible. Please consider and respond to the following:

  • Whether or not you are still interested in having a plot. If you still interested, there is no need to email. Please let me know if you DO NOT want a plot so I can remove you from the list.
  • Who will be using a plot for only one year (or, who will be gone next year)
  • Who would like to share a plot?
  • Who will be starting later in the season (RI has basically 3 growing seasons – if you’re only going to be available for 1 or 2, we can utilize the plot for someone else in your absence)
  • Who would like to tend someone else’s plot but not have his own – New gardeners might like the idea of tending a plot when someone is gone on extended vacation, but may not want the responsibility of tending an entire plot to themselves all year.
  • Who would be interested in helping set up a couple of gardens in East Providence / Seekonk and perhaps gardening there either instead or in tandem? (more on this later)

There may also be scenarios I have not thought about. I have about 15 completely open plots I can assign right away and more coming later this month.

Please feel free to use the comments to this post to discuss things openly, or reply to the email I sent if it is private.

Best wishes,
(Keri Marion)


There was a great email I received about why I was asking if someone was only going to be around for a season or two, so I thought I’d address this here: This WILL NOT AT ALL diminish your chances of getting a plot.  In fact, it might better it.

Sometimes there may only be a plot available for a year or a couple of seasons, say, for instance, someone is going to be out of town for a year but wants their plot back when they return. If I know someone is going to only be around for one year, I can tell the resident gardener they can have their plot back and the short-term gardener gets to use the plot!

Same with seasonal stuff, maybe someone is going to be gone for a couple months, but wants to use their plot for the rest of the year.. if someone is just going to be around for a little while, they can use it without committing.

So I’m asking that information not to exclude anyone; rather to include as many people as possible.

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